In 2010 TRP International, LLC introduced the North American light and medium duty trailer market to the TruRyde brand. While the brand was new the company and products certainly were not. For nearly 20 years TRP had developed a reputation for providing an expansive line of quality axle and suspension components distributed on schedule at competitive prices with responsive and professional service. Our capabilities in the areas of engineering & manufacturing as well as an understanding of the quality requirements of the trailer industry combined with an expertise in identifying reputable supplier partners in China provided the substance behind that reputation. As an integrated supplier our business was to support the axle manufacturers and parts distributors with the components they wanted, when they needed them. Up until 2010 outside of that group of customers few new who we were, all the while virtually every trailer rolling down the road had one or more of our components on it. We believed the time had come to establish a brand in the market that was built on a foundation of trust and confidence. TruRyde became that brand!

We recognize that a brand is only as good as the company and more importantly the people behind it so for the last 7 years we have quietly promoted TruRyde through our actions and not our words. We are thrilled that many of our customers without our prompting or financial support are using the TruRyde name in their on-line sales and marketing strategies. To me that says more about who we are and what TruRyde represents than any amount of self-promotion. While we are pleased with the recognition the brand has achieved we are as committed as ever to improving as a company to ensure that TruRyde remains a brand you can Ryde with confidence.

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Chris Mileger
TRP International, LLC
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